Apply for Funding

We are currently prioritising our funding in favour of the following countries:





If you are outside these geographical areas, but feel that your proposal matches our criteria, you are invited to apply.  Please note that we do not fund projects that operate within the UK.

As well as project-based grants, we will consider applications for funding for both capital and running costs.  We support innovation and welcome applications from new organisations, but prefer not to support organisations that have an annual income over £300,000. 

Our grant awards are, on average, between £3,000 and £3,500.  Our maximum grant award is £5,000.  We hope this information helps you to plan a realisitic budget.

We will not fund:

general appeals

political parties/agendas   


promotion of religion

To apply for funding, please download our application form.  Ensure that your proposal meets our aims and objectives.  Please note that if you are applying from the UK on behalf of an overseas partner, you will also need to complete our Overseas Partner Summary.  

The Application Process

Email your completed application form to  Remember to include a copy of your organisation's most recent annual accounts, along with any other information that supports your proposal.  

You will receive confirmation of your submission by email.  

Our trustees meet twice a year, in May and November.  Applications received before 31st March are reviewed in May. Applications received before 30th September are reviewed in November. 

We endeavour to notify all applicants of final decisions, but please be patient as we receive a large number of applications and all of our trustees are volunteers.

Grants are single payments between £500 and maximum £5,000.  However, we may consider repeat funding for projects that show encouraging progress.

Successful applicants will be required to submit progress reports at intervals throughout the life of the project. 


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